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    Default parking for section hike?

    anyone know about parking for the trail between Tye River and Rockfish Gap? Is it US 58 <->I64 ? any recommendations or is it safer to park on the BRP ? Muchas gracias.

    Stay Warm, Eat Beans!

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    The hotel at Rockfish Gap, The Inn at Afton (?), is known to let hikers park in their lot - check with the front desk before leaving the car and they will let you know where to park it. In addition there is a small parking area just over the bridge over US250 in front of the gate to Skyline Drive that many people use. There is a defunct (? at least I think its defunct) HoJos right there also that some people park at. In addition the first overlook for BRPW is only about a tenth or so south from where the AT comes out before crossing the bridge over 250. Unfortunately I can't say I have ever parked overnight at any of the Rockfish Gap options but I know of other people who have. If parking on the parkway let the appropriate group of rangers know you are parking there and they will understand why a car is there for multiple days. As for the Tye River there is a reasonable sized parking area right across the road from the foot bridge over the Tye - again I have not left a car there over night but I also have not heard of any problems there either.

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    Default thanks hog

    know anything about US211/Thornton Gap? I'm perplexed, as the NPS website says it's $5 to enter SNP on foot. But if you park in the lot on 211, couldn't you just self-register and walk in sans paying? Not that I would do that...just curious if you've done the walk-in routes. AT in particular out of each gap. Way, way WAY too nice to be inside on a day like this.

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    I think that is certainly reasonable - I have seen several hiking groups use the lower Panarama parking lot which is accessable straight off of 211 without paying any fee. As far as I know the rangers don't try to enforce the $5 walkin fee unless the person walking in walks right by the entrance station - since this is not the case for hiking from the lower Panarama parking lot I would say that there is nothing to worry about. All that being said however I have the $20 yearly pass for SNP so I have never used the lower parking lot at Panarama but rather have just driven to whatever parking area is closest to the trail or segment I wish to hike. Coming in from the boundary no-one pays except for the Old Rag and White Oak Canyon areas.

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