Yeah, the PCT is different from the AT. But, as people who are setting out on the AT next summer are probably accumulating gear, I thought I'd post a list of what I took on my PCT hike this summer. My gear was pretty constant. I used a bounce box for some consumables and to send a few pieces of gear forward. I was a bit cold at night in the Sierra and should have brought my 20 degree bag. Other than that, this is the gear that worked well for me in temps ranging from 15 (at night!) to 105+ degrees, in deserts, mountains, forests, etc. Note that the PCT is much, much drier than the AT. I had 5 minutes of rain in the Mojave, got 2.5" of snow in the Sierra, 2 hours of heavy rain one night in Oregon, a couple of short rains at night in Washinton, and two days of misty rain in Washington. This is more or less what I will bring with me on the AT or CDT next summer.

Gear - About 11-12 lbs without food or water
ULA Zenith Pack
3/4 Length Z-rest
silnylon pack cover
Western Mountaineering Highlite 40 degree bag
Sleeping bag stuff sack
Dancing Light Tacoma tarp
Dancing Light Sleep net (Sierras on)
Tyvek groundcloth
Fibraplex carbon fiber tarp pole
8 stakes
Alcohol stove
Pot stand
Evernew 1.4 L titanium pot
Lexan spoon
Windscreen (my MSR one)
2 Bic lighters
3 silnylon stuff sacks
MEC midweight thermal top
MEC midweight thermal tights
MEC Northern LIte II pullover
2 Wigwam Ultimax socks
Wigwam Hat
Fox River polypro gloves
MEC River Pants
MEC Prospector Shirt
Frogg Toggs anorak
2 Photon II microlights
Journal and pen
1 2.4 L Platypus waterbag
2 2.4 L Platypus waterbag (SoCal only)
Polar Pure
2 20 oz soda bottles (fuel and olive oil)
Toliet paper
Gelled alcohol
Med kit (including vitamins)
Camp XLA 210 Ice Axe (Sierras only)
Relevant guidebook and data book pages
Water cache info (SoCal only)
Olympus Stylus Epic Camera
Film (averaging 3, 36 exposure rolls)
DEET (Sierras on)
Sunblock (Mexico to Dunsmuir, rarely used)
Cash, two credit cards, ATM card, drivers license
Duct Tape (on axe and olive oil bottle)

Columbia shorts
Andiamo Skins (like underwear)
Wigwam Ultimax socks
Trail runners (see my reviews)
MEC Rapidi-T (t-shirt)
Sunday Afternoons Adventure Hat
K-Mart Watch

I wore the pants and long shirt from Mexico to South Lake Tahoe (mile 1100), and then switched to shorts and the t-shirt from then on.