I recently read about Moose Goo in another forum. It sounded really good so I made up a small batch at home to try out. WOW. This stuff is awesome. Delicous. I noticed from a search that it has been mentioned a few times here at WB, but I think it deserves it's own thread.

Here the recipe:

Ultralight Joe's Moose Goo

NOTE: If you pass this around to your friends, I have but one request - please refer to it as "Ultralight Joe's Moose Goo". Since I run this site anonymously, it's not an ego thing. I just get a kick out of hearing it mentioned on the trail, let's me know I'm contributing to my fellow trekkers. A simple pleasure, perhaps, but I take what I can get. :-) Thanks!

Basic Recipe:
  • 2 parts honey
  • 2 parts corn flour (NOT corn meal! I plan to try sweet rice flour soon.)
  • 1 part peanut butter (preservative-laden)
  • Mix thoroughly, will take some time.
  • Pack into Coghlan's Squeeze Tube (REI, Campmor, etc), or in cold weather wrap in wax paper.
Single Squeeze Tube Proportions (2-3 lunches w/ large tortillas):
  • 8 tbsp honey
  • 8 tbsp corn flour
  • 4 tbsp peanut butter
Per tube:
  • 1320 calories
  • 172g carbs (70 simple, 102 complex)
  • 24g protein
  • 38g fat (That's a high proportion of fat, but what the heck...)
BEWARE! Below 40F, Ultralight Joe's Moose Goo becomes impossible to squeeze out! I open the tube from the back and spoon it out when that happens. For snow camping I pack it in wax paper instead, eat it like a candy bar, or pre-pack it into tortillas.
I melted half a Hershey's Bar into mine when I made it. I also used Masa corn flour available in most grocery ethnic food sections.

This is something that would make a great everyday snack at work if the fat content wasn't so high. I am going to try using some lower fat peanut butter on my next batch for everyday use. I would use normal peanut butter on the trail where the extra fat would be needed.

I have also been thinking about adding some instant breakfast powder to the mix to add some vitamins and mineral, extra protien, and chocolate flavor.