I have a little dilemma and I'd like to get some input from you guys and gals.

A buddy and I are section hiking the AT and have made it North to Erwin, TN having started at Springer. We're looking to do 150 -200 miles a trip, which would put us up into Virginia at the end of this hike. However, I have a couple of 1/2 priced plane tickets that I must use by the end of the year and are considering using them to fly up North for a change of scenery.

My question for you guys..........
Where do we go? If you could do any section you wanted, what section would you do? ME, NH, MA? Where is the best wildlife, vistas, etc.?
I know very little about the northern part of the AT, so I"m hoping you guys can steer us Mississippi folks in the right direction.