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    hanging a candle makes a mess. As the wind blows n sways the lantern, the hot melted wax is being spilled n reduces the life of the candle. I tried it when camping on saranac this summer n we took it right down in just a few minutes when we noticed how much wax was being lost to swinging even in a gentle breeze.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dances with Mice View Post
    Now here's something else to throw into the mix - the soda can candle was incredibly fragile. It would crush easily. That's another reason I quit using it. The original post mentioned the new aluminum bottles - like the aluminum beer bottles Skids has used for some stoves. One of those would be much more durable. I'm pretty sure nobody's played with the idea, so the field's wide open.
    At one time I was thinking of a design of a hanging candle holder made with a cut off, clear water bottle section as the middle and then separate metal top and bottom connected by wires running outside the water bottle portion. It would be more durable and collapsible for easy packing. I never carried out the concept because I never got a round tuit.
    Once, for a car camping trip with the family, I made some candle lanterns out of the small tomato sauce cans. I used the short, squat, 8 ounce cans, but I suppose the narrower, taller tomato paste cans would work as well. The cans are a little heavier than an aluminum soda can, but more durable, being made out of steel, but you can cut through the sidewall fairly easy. I used my SAK to do the cutting. Try not to cut yourself on the sharp edges!

    You don't want to open the can with a regular can opener. You want to keep the top & bottom of the can intact. Use the can opener blade of a SAK pocketknife to put a few slots into the top, side edge of the can (not the top of the can), for some air flow to get rid of the CO2 & heat build-up, and keep water out if it rains. This can get a bit messy, at this point. Punch a hole in the bottom of the can and drain the sauce out of the can. Cut a piece out of the side wide enough to get the tea light candle onto the inside base of the can when you hold the candle sideways, but not so wide the candle will slide out when lit. You can easily attach a wire bail to the can using the slots you punched around the top edge of the can.

    Put a piece of foil inside the can, opposite the cut slot, to act as a reflector.

    I hung a few of these on the sides of trees around our campsite. They worked quite well, but they do get hot, and will rust after a while.tomato sauce can 1 04272020.png
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    A Beer (or soda) can candle lantern is real easy to make. Cut window "shutters" in the side of the can and open up the stutters. It even has a convenient hanging tab on top. Not real durable, but if you have a drink for dinner, you got a candle lantern for later.

    Did a two nighter with a friend last fall and at the first camp fires were not allowed. So we sat around my candle lantern and pretended it was a campfire for a few hours.
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    Given that this thread started in 2007, years ago I made this one :

    still safer than most and almost free to make.

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    Havenít been on the site in a while. Doubt anyone is still interested, but flip my alchy stove upside down and use a tea light.

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    My candle lantern is a Luci Light which I no longer carry because when it gets dark I am turning in.I do carry a
    rechargeable headlamp and a back up pen light.Do we have a thread on using candles as a heat source and how to use it that way?Inquiring minds want to know.......

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    "Palmer Furnace" search that for using candle as heat source.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zelph View Post
    "Palmer Furnace" search that for using candle as heat source.
    Ok,thanks Zelph,I will check that out!

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