I figure that it is a fat chance that I'd actually meet some one on this forum that might partiall share the same kind of goals to be a presence in the outdoor business they way that I do. But like they say if you dont try you will never know.

The business plan that I wrote has been in existance since 2004, and it has been called air tight by a few bankers. We have tried every financial avenue in the book the past 3 years to increase my net worth enough to satisfy them to finance my venture, but each time when we go back, the conditions change, and the numbers are different.

So what we are seeking is a medium net worth investor who is interested in the industry that surrounds the trail, to invest in the expansion of my company, to include at least one on the trail outfitter store (we have the location, or 2 determined) and possibly invest in a location 30 miles off the trail that is on the edge of the breaking tidal wave of developent away from the nations capital.

Our business currently sits on an inventory and credit situation that is paid in full and in good standing, and I am 100% current on what would need to happen tomorrow in order to make this a reality for 2007 Holiday or 2008 spring season.

We are seeking some one who can invest in the retail location itself, that might have knowledge of commercial real estate, construction, leasing and financing, and other financial and accounting related knowledge. The team that I have put together to compliment you as an investor, knows the entire outdoor business from top to bottom. An immediate return on the investment is possible due to the success of our online business and the compliment that the retail location will be to that venture.