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Thread: Douglas Shelter

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    Default Douglas Shelter

    I stayed alone here on December 2, 2006, after hiking north from the Arlington/W Wardsboro Rd parking lot.

    It's .5 off the AT but it's an easy .5, goes very quick and seems like less than half a mile.

    The 3-sided shelter was rebuilt in 2005 and still looks fairly new. It features a nice overhang, with two sheltered cooking spots beneath. Fire pit, privy, a few tentsites. The shelter features a a raised platform that sleeps 6-8, but no bunks. There's a spring that was moving slow but steady last December. Very comfy, seemed underused, maybe b/c it's a little off the Trail. Recommended!

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    Stayed here Friday night the 14th, shelter is in great repair and clean. Although lots of mice in this area (and other small critters)

    the spring was VERY low, it was a prblem for anyone who was using the "dip" method. Not a problem if you have a filter.

    some decent tent spots surrounding the shelter

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    I stayed here in August of 1995, hiking in from Story Spring at the end of a long hard day over Stratton Mtn. There must have been some good rainstorms that year, as there was long grass to navigate on the way in, and a patch of Jewelweed 12 feet around and six foot high stood in front of the shelter. The patch had attracted a couple of hummingbirds, and a few butterflies, and they kept me entertained until dusk. I had no problem getting water.

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    Just coming back in to add in about the humming birds! there were two, a male and a female. So awesome, I wish I had had a SLR camera to take pictures. but you could just sit in the shelter and watch them. fantastic! (August 2009)

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