OK, one more tonight. Sherman Brook campsite is a group of 3 tent platforms and privy (as well as some other on-the-ground tenting areas) about 2 miles north of Rt 2. It is the northernmost overnight area in Mass, about 4 miles from the VT border.

Water can be found in Sherman Brook or at Pete's spring, which is at the junction of the AT and the campsite's blue blazed access trail.

This is a nice, open area with tall white oaks and an open understory. The tent platforms are well seperated from each other. It is rarely crowded. I have spent more nights alone here than any other overnight site in Mass (no comments about my social life please).

Several Barred Owls live in the area and often offer up an evening serenade. I even saw a hummingbird drinking sap from woodpecker holes in a tree next to the tent platform.

Privy was moved in June of '03.