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    Default Hey wacocelt, I made that recipe you posted...

    Under the "Health, Saftey, and Hygiene" forum I posted that I was lactoce intolerent and you posted a recipe for "Crazy 8 carob cake" which I made last week. I LOVED it!!! I'm no great cook by ANY strech of the imagination but it was more or less foolproof. It came out great and I got some lactaid (lactoce free milk) at the grocery and enjoyed chocolate cake and milk for the first time in a VERY long time!
    It's not really practical for the trail but so what, it was wonderful!
    Just wanted to say thanks so much!
    I'm gonna try the "fruit leathers" next.
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    Glad I could help Mike. Been working like a one toother squirrel trying to open a coconut lately so haven't been on the boards as much. Cold weather and rain have slowed down the construction lately so i'm back more often.
    Carob is an acquired taste, those of us that CAN eat chocolate ofcourse prefer it, but carob has great energy potential and makes some very versatile and easy travel foods.
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    I also made those fruit leathers this past weekend, yummmmm!
    Yeah, the carob was different but not bad!
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