On March 11th, my daughter and I were on the trail from FS 42 to the top of Springer Mountain. As we were going up I noticed what appeared to be tire tracks in the mud. At first I thought that someone was riding a bike up the trail. As we were walking back from the summit, we took the blue blaze trail to the Springer Mountain shelter. We saw what looked like a new shelter being built, but it is a new composting privy. We spoke with three of the trail maintainers that were working on the privy, and they explained how the new privy worked and how the shelter was built. It was a very enjoyable time. As we were leaving I saw a two wheeled cart on the side of the trail. One of the maintainers told me that they used the cart to haul building materials to the site. He said that the day before they had taken over a hundred pounds of lumber and other materials up the mountain to the site. These were all older men that were building the privy. If these men are any indication of the type of people that maintain the trail, then the trail will always be in great shape.
To all of the trail maintainers, I say, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!