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    Default Crossing over '06 to '08

    I am and will forever be, a proud member of the 2006 AT NOBO hiker class. Sadly, my “thru” became a “section” due to the severe shin splints I had when I arrived in Pearisburg, VA. They kept me off the trail for 3 weeks. By the time I got to Hanover, I knew there was no way to get through the Whites and Maine to climb Katahdin by Oct 15th. So I flipped. Climbed up Katahdin on the AT and down the Knife Edge. (Whoa!) I hiked south through the 100 mile Wilderness thinking I’d never get outta there bumping into great pals I’d hiked with below Pearisburg. Got to Monson and learned the huts were closing and temps were dropping into the teens at night… I gave it my best Arnold when I said, “I’ll be back.”

    So here’s to all you ‘06ers… Thanks for the memories! Manifesto, E-liz and Mike and Aaron et al Kings, Andy, Tom, Danger and Pixie, BonzNRio, Todd, No Whammies and Fire Starter, Buoy and Righty and Lefty, Dogwood, Sweat beast, Sun Worshiper and Sees Bears Everywhere (the Brits), Tomato Gravy and Piranha and I Rock and Chad and Adam, Kid’s Meal, Harley HogPit, Ed, Whistler and Clears Trails, CC, Trouble, SloLee, John and Becky and Darla, Possum, Brock, Barely, Crescent City, Mrs. Tillie Wood (RIP) and Neville, Connie, Gator, Doc Narley, Tooth Fairy, Why Not?, Granny-Franny, Hazel, Camel and Billy Goat Gruff, Ken, Lois and Earl, 10 Bulls, Can Man, Polar Bear, Pokey ’06, Rama, Frindy and Pippin, Mr. Blister, Montana Mark, Ben, Marta (of Five Leaf fame), Mrs. Gorp, Dirt Diva and Compass Rose, Chunk and 48 Leaves, White Cloud and Cup-o-Soup and Gear, Garden Gnome, Red Coat, Trips, Tin Man and Scare Crow, Danger Zone and Pacer, Miss Direction, Cat, Ben Here, Mouse Hat,. That kid from “the Hill Country” and those I’ve missed.

    I loved seeing friend’s names in available ’06 rosters at the White’s huts, at hostels and elsewhere because…

    This past August 19th, I plunged into the class of 2008. What a thrill to be standing on the corner in Hanover (glad Jack was out of town at some hiker bash so I didn’t have to spend any money on the dinner I promised him for his kind assistance) tapping the AT plaque embedded in the sidewalk with my rubber-tipped pole, so full of emotion and saying, “I told you I’d be back.”

    To all of you '08 hikers who helped make the completion of my AT hike so enjoyable… White Lightning, Peach and Fuzz, Don, Bill and Sara, Orion, Tiffany, Andre the Giant, Superman, Mt Lion, Mooch and Buffet, Troutbum, Dakota and Detour, Buttercup and Duck, Fat Chap, Bag-o-Tricks, Calamity Jane, Peregrine, Bigglesworth, Fizz, Pixie and Brahma Bull, Kirk, Sundance and Hoot, Dr. Pete, Claire and her 2 kids - Lindsey and Jake, Wildflowers (“Soup!”), Blaze, Slow ‘n Steady?, Lee, Chainsaw, Lipstick, Just Mike, Bulldog, Powder River, Achilles, Snacky and his Bro, Colonel Chaco and Wakapak, Johnny Thunder, Julie J, Brushstrokes and Serene, Willow and Longwe Tru, Slayer, Bone Lady and Wild Oats, Hair, Seeker and Someday, Long(tall)man, Preacher Clayton and his 3 sons – Austin, Kevin and Dustin, 70 years young Carol and her driver husband Bill, Sue, Chipmunk, T-Bone, Rocklocks, Left Field, Zero-Zero, Darin, Green T and Feral, those trail volunteers who had a cooler full of beer just for hikers, Rebekah, Dawn and Sue, and to Medium Rare, and to Becca and Jogle.

    For me, hiking the Appalachian Trail has been one of the truly great American adventures. Thank you all, and Whiteblaze, too. I couldn’t have done it without you and the help of family, friends and the numerous total strangers along the AT who assisted me.

    Most sincerely,

    Rick Armstrong
    aka Rickles McPickles
    aka McPick
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    Hey, congratulations on getting 'er done!

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    Congratulations on your accomplishment!

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    Good for you - congrats!!!

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