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    22 Dec Update. I just got off the phone with TDS. He sounds amazingly upbeat and happy, which is exactly what I expected. I told him about all of the kind words offered to him through WhiteBlaze and he is truly grateful. He has not been able to get onto his computer yet, but I bet he will be posting on here soon. It was so good to hear his voice again - Hungus

    It seems like just a few days ago that Suzy and I heard the knock at the door and learned about Jason's accident. In the next few hours we learned that he might not live, that he might lose one or both legs, that he had some trauma to his head and no one could tell us for sure what the future would hold. That was October 27, 2008. Today we sat and visited, watched football, talked about work and his girl friend, enjoyed Christmas carols sung by friends from Grace Church, and things were almost normal. Normal, except that Jason still has real injuries that will take months to heal, frequent follow-up doctor's appointments, a lengthy rehab to learn how to walk again, and on and on and on. His progress is truly remarkable, and yet there is much to do.

    On Thursday, doctors removed the appliances in his mouth that had held his jaw fixed for nearly seven weeks. He was so excited to eat again, and as you might expect, he over did it! He found out that his stomach had grown accustomed to a bland diet. His first hamburger and fries had to be parceled out and taken in slowly because he can only open his mouth about a third of normal. He assures me that he will gradually be able to open the mouth normally.

    The week before Jason had follow-up meetings with Dr. Pasque, MD, the OU Sports Orthopedic surgeon who advised him that he did not believe the right knee would need reconstructive surgery, as previously thought. Jason had been scheduled on Friday to meet again with Dr. William Ertl, MD who was the amputation specialist, and the one who repaired his left leg. Dr. Pasque called Dr. Ertl who was finishing up surgery, and Dr. Ertl came over to meet with Jason that evening saving us another trip. Dr. Ertl took an hour to explain Jason's surgery, review x-rays, and to explain the whys and hows of his procedure. Once again, we were overwhelmed by the attention and interest shown by these dedicated OU physicians.

    Follow-up appointments with the Trauma doctors are scheduled for Christmas week.

    We expect he will do some physical therapy in the coming weeks here in Ponca City, and then in early February go back to OKC for more rehab in preparation for walking again on both legs...the right one that he has used for 35 years, and a new left leg that he will research and participate in selecting.

    There are a lot of people that we have to thank for prayers and support. You know who you are. But, we would like to say special thanks to John Wohletz, Dave Perdue, Billy Wright and crew, who rushed to make some modifications at Jason's house, so he could come home. Howard and Sally Wells, and Michael went out of their way to make sure the bathroom and kitchen were ready. David Scott with Welborn Electric upgraded the electrical service in the house, and he was getting over the flu and helping at home after his wife's emergency surgery!

    Even though he is restricted to a wheelchair for another six weeks, Jason is moving about independently in his home, and taking care of himself with just a little help.We think the next few weeks will be very exciting and challenging.

    Stan & Suzy

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    I'm praying

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    god bless him, what a fighter!
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    I just found out what had happened to TDS last night via Mala. We had spent some time together prior to his first thru-hike and then I hiked with TDS from Erwin to Damascus that same year. I've had the chance to catch up on all the posts and am glad to hear that he seems to be well on his way to recovery. I'm sure he still faces some challenges but TDS is the type of person who can overcome those obstacles in life. If anyone has any further updates I would appreciate hearing about him.
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