I just got this email and this is heart breaking. For those of you who know him, he is a great guy.

This is from his dad and I hope this is okay that I reprint it but I figure a few of you would want to know:

Dear Friends,

Please forgive the informal nature of this email, but we can't keep up with the telephone calls, so we thought we would send a note periodically.

The past 30 hours has life changing. Sunday morning about 2:30 am we were awakened by a Ponca City Police Officer, Vince Iraggi, reporting to us that Jason had been injured in an accident on I-35, and had been life flighted to the OU Medical Center. We called the center and confirmed that Jason was stable but had severe injuries. By 3:00 am we were on the way to the city.

When we arrived, we were told that Jason had been moved to the Trauma Center for surgery. He underwent about 6-7 hours of surgery and evaluation with one team repairing a ruptured bladder, and another trying to save a lower left leg. We are told that the bladder repair was successful and they expect no problems. The orthopedic surgeons are more guarded about Jason's left foot and ankle. Hiking and canoeing over 6,000 miles since his early onset mid-life crisis began in 2005, who would have thought he might have to deal with these kind of injuries. With what he has endured, we have faith he can heal from these injuries.

The latest report is that Jason has broken legs/ankles on both legs with the left being the most extreme. He has a fractured pelvis, brusied mid section, ruptured, but now repaired bladder, some internal trunk brusing, a broken jaw and only minor head injuries. He will have additional cat scans, etc today to confirm no swelling of the brain, etc.

We are thankful for Jason's life and the fact that there were no other serious injuries. Although we do not know the details of the accident, the earliest reports leave questions. We may never know what really happened, unless Jason can recall. For now, it doesn't reall matter.

There will be several surgeries and continued intensive care during the next few days/weeks. We will try to report on the progress.

For now, Jason's life and care is in the hands of the medical staff and our God. We appreciate your expressions of support and concern. Please keep Jason in your prayers.

We will try to update you periodically by email.