I use to "hope it would go away", but recently, I've embraced the midnight run. Even in the cold. So, now I wake-up and "get it over with" at the first signs of having to go rather than hold off.

The woods seem so creepy at 2am and are often way too quite. Plus the stars are often quite bright. I've learned to enjoy the 'fear factor' of walking 50' from my shelter (hammock, tarp or tarptent) to take a leak. And, if it is cold, I enjoy trying to warm up when I get back to bed. I consider the later a "gear test" of sorts.

Really, the worst part of the whole ordeal is taking my shoes on/off. For whatever reason, that seems to be more difficult than it should be in the middle of the night. Even with a head lamp. Maybe because they tend to be cold and wet on most trips.