I figured I would submit a little something with Wak and I runnin all over the AT. I guess its obvious that the weather here in NC/TN area has been a little crazy. Above 4000 ft it still gets really damn cold! It has been wet so water hasnt even been an issue. There is a good deal of traffic of hikers out there and a good group of em too. Everyone is lookin real good and havin a ball. Only encountered one person that is a bit of an a-hole but what are ya gonna do? Anyway, the trail has been looking good too with all of the rain we have had in these parts. Some new shelters along the way for you shelter-heads. Really good to hear that the trouble hikers seem to be getting dealt with swiftly. Watch out for one another everyone and enjoy the trail, leave no trace and respect the hostels!!!
See ya'll on the trail!