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    Passed by today on my way to Burlington. They're not open yet. There is, however, a new mural on the side clearly depicting the Incredible Hulk in drag. Who knew the Hulk was a cross-dresser?

    The owner writes a witty (but not especially detail-packed) blog about the market at http://rebelmarket.blogspot.com/ .

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    Thanks for the link Jase - sounds like the market is entangled in some colorful local politics:



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    Anyone know the status of this market? Is it open yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stranger View Post
    Anyone know the status of this market? Is it open yet?
    it never happened

    the town of richmond is a short hitch west...don't miss the bakery. it was amazing!!!

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    The whole thing has been a comical drama. Friends that live nearby said the owner had great ideas, but few realistic solutions and was ill prepared for the difficulties of starting a business in VT. They are under the impression he stirred up a hornets nest with many neighbors and town officials, not just Mary Houle that he rants about.

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