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    Default Backpack reveiw Teton Fox 75+10

    I recently purchased the Teton, Fox 75+10. After doing my research, I discovered this pack is also sold as the Nebo, Fox 75+10, HI-TEC Fox 75+10, High Peak, Fox 75+10, and most importantly is an older model of the Deuter 75+10.
    The bag is durable, and well made. I have heard that the clips might not be up to par, but I haven't had any problems yet (I have about 20 miles on the pack). Let me list the problems first. The pack is a bit on the heavy side at 5.5 pounds, but not too bad. The waist buckle is difficult to tighten while wearing the pack, but it doesnt get loose as you walk, so get it right and your set. My biggest problem is the location of the hydration bladder, some moron thought it was a good idea to put it in the main compartment, so every time you need to refill it, you need to remove half your contents to remove, refill, and replace it. Add to this I worry that you might puncture the bladder while hiking.
    And the good side, lets start with price. I bought mine on Amazon, the pack was 61 dollars, with free shipping, and I singned up for an Amazon Chase card which got me another 30 dollars off. If the pack only lasted 1 good hike it would be worth 31 dollars. The pack is made of thick light materials, as good as any pack I have seen or used. It is also very adjustable, this is a pro and a con, it takes time to get it adjusted just right, but once you do it is a great fitting pack. If you want to try this system out, just go to your camping store and try out the Deuter Aircomfort 75+10. It has a cool little fanny pack which is also the top of your pack, which when you need to hike a half mile from camp to get your water this thing is great, big enough for, filters, canteen, camera, whatever. It even comes with an attached rain cover, which as soon as I got the pack, I went outside to rainproof the pack, and the silicone spray beaded on the raincover instantly.
    All in all I would rate the pack an 8 out of 10, if they had moved the bladder it would be a solid 9 and I don't think I will ever rate a pack a 10. If I missed anything just ask and I will answer any questions.

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    You'll likely hear "That pack is too big." A few years ago, I probably would have been one of those folks. But in recent years, I've realized the best gear is the gear that simply gets you out there backpacking.

    In your case, particularly since you are looking at backpacking with your nephews (as you mentioned in another thread), this may prove to be a good purchase by allowing room for carrying some extra gear for the younger ones. If you do have issues with the buckle, you can easily buy replacements from most outfitters, or order them online if necessary. From there, a tapestry needle and some nylon thread (or even dental floss in a pinch) will allow you to re-attach the replacement buckle.

    In the meantime, enjoy the blessings of an inexpensive pack that will hopefully bring you many miles of great memories.

    BTW, try the ULA Catalyst if you wander into the Outfitter at Neel Gap or Mount Rogers Outfitters in Damascus. It may tempt you to offer up a 10 on a pack, though the price will certainly be more than you paid for your Fox.
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    It's funny you mentioned the size, I have always carried way too much gear, and it seems like something happened because now with all my gear in this thing it isn't full. Although when I make a sleeping pad that i can put in the bag I am sure it will fill it, or when I make a bridge hammock it will fill it lol. I started making a lot of my own gear this year (short on work lol), and I tend to make things smaller lighter and stronger than the junk I used to buy lol. I am thinking about leaving my plastic tarp out too now, I have a nylon parka and a nylon tarp. If I keep taking things out I won't have anything lol

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    BTW never been to Damascus, I know how do I miss a spot like that. I think after we do the clingmans dome and south in june we might have to head north for a week too lol

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