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    Red face Wal-Mart "Earthshoes"

    I ran into a SOBO hiker last fall--"Bull-dog"--who said he had problems with his LLBean boots in the first 100 miles and hitched to Wal-Mart and bought a pair of "Earthshoes". I have tried them with a different insole and have found them serviceable, not so great on breathability. Just thought I'd see what luck hikers have had with these or other department store boots...

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    I didn't know they still made such a thing as Earthshoes. Are they in the 70's dept?
    The older I get, the faster I hiked.

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    Default China-Made boots

    Either someone bought or co-opted the name. These days HiTecs, Merrils and a number of other boots, some selling well over $100 are coming from China. I have no brand loyalty to China made goods, so functional, waterproof boots that sell for $35 are preferable to other more expensive China slave-goods. I'm saving my $150- $300 for US or European made boots...

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