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Thread: Pack Sizing

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    Default Pack Sizing

    I followed step 1 (below): then I measured that on the pack that I am currently carrying - it made no sense. When I measured my size and then put the tape on the pack frame it did not seem to line up anywhere that I thought it would. The pack fits me perfectly. Where would you put the tape to determine -from the pack measurement - What size am I ? Kinda like CSI - "the dude that was wearing this pack is a size_____?"

    Step 1: To determine your correct size you must first measure your torso length. Ask a friend to use a flexible tape measure (a tailor's tape works best) to measure along the surface of your back from your seventh cervical vertebra (the most prominent bump on your neck) to a horizontal line across your back connecting the outward protrusions of your hip crest (iliac crest). Once you know your torso length use the chart to determine the appropriate frame size.

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    Default Clarification

    Shoulda mentioned that is not me in the picture.

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    Make it easy, go to an outfitter and try the packs on
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    Pack fitting is 100 times more complex than most people think, you need to go into a shop and get fitted by an experienced pack fitter, keep in mind pack fitter and salesperson are two different things as far as I'm concerned.

    Most good shops have atleast one guru in each department who know their stuff well, you will need to find that person.

    Measuring your torso is a crap way to fit a pack, most of the great pack fitters I know don't measure torsos, we would always opt to put a pack on someone's back loaded with weight - that's a true fit.

    Also, you cannot possibly measure your own torso, and chances are most of the people you know won't know their ass from their elbow when it comes to measuring torsos, so I wouldn't even bother asking someone.

    I would try to find someone who knows packs well, that's your best bet.

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