I'm trying to figure out why people do all the extra work on the trail. I understand that some people want to "give back to the trail". But why? I'm not trying to start an arguement. Just tring to understand. Wouldn't the trail be alright without the water bars. Maybe a few more rocks to walk on because of the washed away dirt but wouldn't the trail still be o.k. just like a dirt road?
And the blown down trees, couldn't a new trail be started by the hikers going around the tree. Why not just leave the tree where it fell and go around.

What made me think of this is Roan MT. Is the work being done for the people staying at the campground and lodge? Is it for the business people who spent the day at the conference center so they can walk up to the top of the bald with their loafers on?
Work was done a few years ago to ease the grade and I guess to stop errosion. Now when you go up there you have to be carefull so you don't trip over the carpet type stuff they put down. And who pays for that ugly stuff? They also say its for errosion perposes. I don't understand this either. The reason is because you can't tell where the trail was before. So I don't see the problem they were trying to fix.
And they say it is to make the grade flatter. Why? These are the mountains. If I want flat graded trails couldn't I just go walk at the beach or the mall?

Like I stated before, I don't want to start a fight with maintainers, I just don't understand all the extra work that has to be kept up with.