On July 13th I had an encounter with Elwood, a trail thief from last year, 2 miles north of the Mason-Dixon line near Deer Lick Shelters. I am the ridgerunner for the area this summer and I was on the trail last summer when Elwood stole from several hikers.

While not dangerous, Elwood has a long history of stealing gear and services from both day hikers, thru hikers, and towns. This year we do have reports of items going missing immediately after Elwood's appearance in an area.

Elwood can be identified as a male in his 40's to 50's. His most distinguishing feature is his rotted/tartered front teeth which are very noticable. He changes his name often; this year he has gone by "Constant Motion," "Zeke," and "Skid Marks." His real name is Steven Bundy. Additionally, he is in the habit of telling stories regarding the PCT. This year's deviation which I heard regarded Elwood coming to the AT after 1500 miles into the PCT near Mt. Shasta (he had to bail out because of heavy storms). Also, Elwood makes up stories regarding the deaths of his wife and son. All of these stories are made and told in an effort to soften hikers in the area up so they don't suspect him when he steals from their packs. Generally, Elwood will wait around camp in the mornings and evenings until hikers go to the privy or are not watching their possesions.

As of July 24th, 2004 I believe Elwood is in Centrail/Northern Pennsylvania. Please watch your possesions and respond to this thread with continued sightings so ridgerunners can track his progress and watch him.

All the best,
Ridgerunner Butta'
Southern PA