Well here is a Chance to be part of History. We have been talking about it for a while and now it has begun. The Great Swamp in NY is about to get a board walk similar to the one seen in NJ over the Walkill river. This first part is really to train people for the work that will be completed later on. This first section will be small compared to the later project which will complete the boardwalk from the AT train stop all the way over the swamp river to the base of Corbin Hill. If you want to be part of history respond to the following Email. I would love to see a bunch of WB members there for this historic project.

From October 23 through October 26 the initial portion of an elevated wooden boardwalk will built just west of the AT train stop in Pawling. This will be just a small part of the overall project that will span the Great Swamp all the way west to the Swamp River bridge. Coming to assist and help train local volunteers will be an ATC crew of 10 people. The main tasks involve helical pier driving, lumber sawing, and fastening (predrilling, screwing and bolting).

This note is to ask whether you would like to be part of October's build. The 23rd will primarily be the movement, staging of material, and any necessary site prep. Saturday through Monday will be the actual construction. On Friday the need exists for about six strong people while on the construction days we will need 8 to 10 volunteers. If you can help let me know what days you are available and please cc Frank Dogil and Bob Haas in your response.

Supervisors, please forward this call to others that may be interested. Numbers will need to be limited to what is stated above or else we will be stumbling over each other. It is particularly desired to have people who will acquire the construction skills and be able to assist in the training of others next year when we hope to do considerably more.


The Emails to use are as follows
Frank Dogil [email protected] or James Haggett [email protected]

Lets try to show that WB is a big supporter of major projects like this.

If you need yard pace to throw up a tent or ideas of the nearest shelters to take over for the few day build give me a shout and I'll help out.