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    Default Exciting news from the AZT

    Las Colinas Passage Progress!!
    The 10.5 miles Las Colinas passage of the Arizona Trail in the Coronado Forest is now complete. Led by ATA Regional Chief Steward Bernie Stalmann and Passage Steward Lee Allen, this section of the Arizona Trail is another example of the diverse cross section of AZT supporters working cooperatively on a common goal. Much thanks and appreciation is due to the tireless work by the Crazies for their many year-round work events over a two year period, week-end volunteers, the Coronado National Forest for their hands-on leadership, the dedication and youth workers from Southwest Conservation Corps and Coconino Rural Environment Corps, and the grant support of Rosemont Copper Company. The Crazies were originally dubbed the Summer Crazies for working under the summer Arizona sun but it soon became apparent that they were crazy year round.
    (The Crazies at work picture by Grodzo)
    Permanent Arizona Trail easement acquired by Pinal County More Progress!!!
    On November 10, 2009 Pinal County acquired a 50 mile permanent Arizona Trail right of way that stretches from near Oracle, Az. area north to near the Gila River . This lush Sonoran desert trail is built and had been used for ten years under a temporary agreement. Kent Taylor, Pinal County official and Annie McVay , Arizona State Parks staff worked diligently with the Arizona State Land Dept to give the AZT permanent status in the area. Great job and thank you!
    The Arizona Trail in Saguaro National Park Ready for Progress!
    Saguaro National Park Superintendent Darla Sidles has given the green light for implementing the Parks long awaited Comprehensive Trails Management Plan. As a result of your support, a key piece of that plan is the construction of about 5 miles of new Arizona Trail from the Hope Camp area to the Manning Camp Trail. Volunteer work event plans are now being made and trail work events are expected to start in early 2010…..keep your weekends open and your eyes on the ATA event calendar.
    Second Annual Equine Summit
    The Arizona Horse Council is planning their second summit in Phoenix January 9, 2010. For details contactEdward J. O'Brien [email protected] . This is an opportunity to participate in discussions about the most critical equestrian issues in this state and to meet and interact with the most influential horse men and women anywhere.
    2010 ATA Annual Meeting Saturday, February 6
    Mark your calendars for Saturday Feb 6. Details are forthcoming, but the ATA annual meeting is tentatively scheduled for the Biosphere 2 near Oracle, AZ. Featured speaker is Bart Smith, photo journalist, who has hiked all eleven National Scenic Trails.
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    Default AZT update


    Thanks for the AZT(A) update.


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    I'm gettin pumped to do some exploring on this trail if I do in fact end up at school out that way... I've been doing research and reading the stuff on WB and I am itching to get out there!!!
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