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    Default Thru-hiking starting in may georgia to maine

    I am looking for people to do thru-hike starting in may 2010 with my mother and I. I am 17 and a male. She is 47. Please get back to me.
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    You didn't say when you planned to start in May. Keep in mind that most folks take 24-27 weeks for a complete thru-hike, and nearly everyone wants to be done hiking by October 15th.

    What this means is that unless you start your trip very early in May, you will have to hike at a fairly acclerated pace if you want to finish in Maine before bad weather sets in. If you start out in late May, you'll have to hike at a very accelerated pace, and depending on your Mom's conditioning, this might be a faster schedule than you might want.

    Just keep in mind that there are all sorts of possibilities, i.e. you could start your trip in Georgia and proceed North, but if it appears you won't get to Katahdin by mid-October, you could jump up to Maine and then proceed Southbound, as one can hike in Southern New England and the mid-Atlantic states much later in the season than one can in NH and Maine. This is called a "flip-flop" thru-hike and is a perfectly legitimate way to hike the whole A.T. Also consider postponing your start until June and then do an uninterrupted Southbound thru-hike, i.e. go from Maine to Georgia.

    In any case, there are all sorts of possibilities. Best of luck!

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