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    Default The ALDHA Gathering... Where to stay?

    The Folk Life Center has long been a gracious host by allowing ALDHA
    members and Gathering participants to camp at their wonderful
    facility. With respect to ALDHA and the Folk Life Centers new efforts
    to enforce an early quiet time and an absolutely NO alcohol policy, it
    was apparent that some alternatives needed to be found. I hate the
    feeling of having my "Family" divided up but in order to meet the
    varied needs of our very diverse ALDHA membership it was a wise idea
    to find more camping choices. ALDHA offered several ideas in the
    newsletter that seem to be nice places if a bit far from the

    Just recently I learned about a NEW campground within 5 minutes of
    Concord College. BENT MOUNTAIN RESORT (cut and paste for directions)
    This is a great alternative for those who wish to bring an RV or
    camper or for those wanting a private room or cabin close to friends
    that are camping. The group camping area at Bent Mountain is intended
    as an alternative to the Folk Life Center for those who intend to stay
    up late or consume adult beverages. I have tried to answer as many of
    the questions I could think of.


    Camping will be 8$ per person, per night. These arrangements are for
    Friday and Saturday night only. If you plan to arrive early or leave
    late you will need to make arrangements with Bent Mountain Resort.
    Miss Janet will collect the camping fees from everyone as they set up
    and will pay the resort. "Users and Cruisers" will be dealt with by
    public flogging! So please see Miss Janet to pay for your stay!!

    Camping setup will be an open rustic area where we can all pitch tents
    together near a community fire pit. Those with campers and RV's
    needing electric hook up should make arrangements with the resort.
    Firewood will be provided each night.

    There is no set "quiet time" at Bent Mountain Resort. Those wishing
    to retire early should camp farther away from the fire area. Quiet
    accommodations are available at The Folk Life Center. We will be
    responsible for all clean up each day and we are expected to leave the
    area in the condition we found it when we set up.

    There is a His and Hers Outhouse on site and shower privileges in the
    main lodge bathrooms.

    Alcohol is permitted in the camping area. Everyone is expected to
    follow the rules of common courtesy and respect for other guests when
    it comes to consuming alcoholic beverages. No underage drinking will
    be tolerated.

    Private Lodge Rooms and Cabin rentals are available by reservation
    only and should be arranged through Kathy Little, the resort owner.
    These will be held through September 29th at a special rate for our

    The campground has well kept lawn areas and great views of the
    surrounding mountains.

    The PUB is operated by the Bent Mountain Resort and is located near
    the camping area. The PUB offers beer for sale so you can not bring
    your beer into The Pub. If you choose to brown bag, drink set ups
    will be available by The PUB.

    A short order menu is available at The Pub from noon until 1 am.

    FRIDAY NIGHT There will be live musical entertainment at The PUB.
    Everyone is encouraged to participate in the ALDHA opening night
    events and meet at The PUB afterwards.

    SATURDAY NIGHT There will be a Karaoke Contest at The PUB after the
    ALDHA events conclude at the Concord campus.

    Every ALDHA member is welcome to visit at the Bent Mountain Resort
    campground and The Pub regardless of where they are staying during the
    ALDHA Gathering weekend.

    Please Email Miss Janet at [email protected] if you are
    interested in camping at Bent Mountain for the ALDHA Gathering
    weekend. We look forward to seeing everyone!

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    This is very useful information!

    Thanx, Janet, for sending it along.

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    I may come this year. It's been 7 years since my last Gathering.

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    Default Gathering

    Good work Miz Janet!! Luv ya-see you there!!

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    I had been meaning to check out the policies and facilities at Bent Mountain, but I am glad to see that Miss Janet has done the footwork. Funny, I've ridden my bike past here but didn't see the place. It looks like its on the downhill . Should anyone have any logistics questions regarding the Athens area, feel free to PM me or post here.

    There is a small grocery store (slightly bigger than the usual convenience store, probably short term resupply category) between the college and folk life center. Sun Valley Country Store. They sell some short order stuff, reminds me of a lunch counter. I've never eaten here though.

    Nearest large grocery stores, Princeton WV, Wal-mart Superstore and Krogers. 15-20 minutes. Exit 9 Rt 77. Also, Allens Supermarket while traveling on Rt 20 towards Princeton from Athens. About 15 minutes.

    Coming from 64 through Hinton, I do not know where these folks buy groceries. There may be a supermarket off 20 somewhere in Hinton, but it is not visible from the road.

    Also, coming from up north on 64W (towards Hinton), services are limited. There are not a lot of big towns along this route. There are gas stations and such, but services are spread out. It's a beautiful ride though.

    A CVS in Athens, also Gino's pizza. If you like real pizza, don't go there. No other close fast food in the area. There are two restaurants across from Pipestem, the Oak Supper Club (Fine Dining), and Brandon's (casual dining), Lunch and Dinner Ribs and Steaks kind of place. Some of the dinners can be expensive, lunch is reasonable. There are at least two nice places to eat at Pipestem. One is formal, the other is average. Otherwise, eating out requires a trip to Princeton.

    Oh, the Deli Mart in Athens is not a Deli, just a convenience store.

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    Most folks just eat at the student union. It's cheap and plentiful - not gourmet. It is a good idea to bring snacks and water in a daypack too. Quite often I find myself so busy running from workshop to slideshow to workshop, with conversations with old friends in between, that I don't have time to eat. Pulling out some crackers can really be a lifesaver. Most of us don't go back to our cars or the campground from morning to evening, so be sure you have everything you need for the full day, just in case.

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    Default Kudos to Miss Janet!

    Thanks for putting in the effort so all can have the night's sleep that they desire.

    The solution was so easy.

    Once again though, the Appalachian South Folklife Center welcomes all hikers to camp there but there will be no alcohol or illegal drugs allowed.

    And, Concord University (formerly Concord College) does not allow drunken behavior on-campus.

    We don't want to jeopardize losing one of our traditional Gathering sites because of the actions of a few.

    In short, the Gathering (at the folklife center and at Concord) is not a 'party' time. If you need to 'party', keep it someplace else.

    Thank you.
    Warren Doyle PhD
    34,000-miler (and counting)
    [email protected]

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    Default Dvd

    Well Mr Doyle, I tried to contact you guys for the last couple of weeks with no luck, as I had a new Documentary shot last year on the AT and had hoped to get it to you to show. I am sending one out to ALDHA West and they say they may show up there with it. I will try to get down also so I can present it if there is time or room. I couldnt find a single CONTACT US link on the ALDHAorg site...maybe I looked in the wrong place, but if nothing else, there is always next year.

    Lion King
    hikin my own hike since '98

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    Default redundant hypocrite

    I wonder if Concord University allows trespassing or entering campus buildings late at night so as not to get caught...
    THE Mairnttt...Boys of Dryland '03 (an unplanned Billville suburb)
    [email protected]

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    Default Contacting ALDHA

    Quote Originally Posted by Lion King
    ere is time or room. I couldnt find a single CONTACT US link on the ALDHAorg site...maybe I looked in the wrong place, but if nothing else, there is always next year.

    At the bottom of the screen, there is this blurb:

    E-mail comments, suggestions, etc., to webmaster @ aldha.org

    Not too obvious, though. At the ALDHA business meeting will suggest making a more obvious contacat us type area.

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