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    Can anyone offer an updated review on the Mohican Outdoor Center? I'd like to stay there one night close to May 10. Good place to send a resupply box? Likely to get in that time of year without a reservation more than a day or two in advance?

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    Looks like they are open then, I was curious if they would be that early. They showed me a full page of lodging options for May 10th, $28 for a walk in tent site if your an AMC member. So, I would guess their not too busy. May 10th is the start of the weekend, so it might be busier on Saturday the 11th.

    I stopped by there a couple of years ago in the middle of May, in the early afternoon hoping to get a sandwich. There was no one around. I waited for over an hour until someone came back and they wouldn't make me a sandwich. I guess they don't expect anyone to show up during the day that time of year.

    As for sending a package, you'd best call them. I doubt they get mail delivery there. If your NOBO, sending a package to the DWG would be a better option I would think.
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    On my thru hike in 2013 my and other care packages went 'astray' - never showing up here. When my care package was tracked by the sender (after I left), it showed delivered a day before i arrived. With that evidence facing them they sent it back to the sender. It was my first encounter with AMC on my NoBo, and many others who reported the same.

    Here is what was reported about this place.


    Nice into to the North and AMC.

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    FWIW, I picked up mail drop without any issues in the Summer of 2015.
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    They’re pretty good about keeping drop boxes isolated in the back room. I had to sign for my box when I went through there in 2015.

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