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    Default Guide book for Baxter State Park

    What is the best guide book for hiking in Baxter. One with in depth trail descriptions elevation profiles maps etc.

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    The AMC maine mountain guide has trail descriptions of all the major trails but hasnt been updated for a couple of years. They have a good map. There are several specilaity guides available for the park that are more informative if you want the history of the park. If you stop by at the park headquarters they have most of the them and a couple fo different maps for sale.

    I am not aware of any guides with profiles besides the Maine AT guide which has a profile up the Hunt Trail.

    Be aware that for people who havent hiked in Baxter State Park, the trails tends to be more "intense" that any other places on the AT. The majority of the approaches to Katahdin require a lot of boulder climbing that can be unsettling to those not used to it. Its not that difficult but can be discouraging to folsk who are into cranking out the miles.

    The new Travelor Loop up in the NE corner of the park is worth the trip.

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    The most comprehensive guidebook for the Park is by Stephen Clark but you'll need to go elsewhere for your maps.

    A good place for Park information is www.baxterstateparkauthority.com

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    Default If you wish

    Send me a PM with your email and I will pass it along to Steve Clark for you.
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