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    Default Frye Brook Trail - Maine - abandoned?

    After mentioing the Frye Brook Cataracts near Andover Me, I had a chance to revisit the area this past weekend. The Frye Brook Trail used to be the AT and there was a shelter near the Cataracts. The cataracts are series of grantie flumes and waterfalls in a big hemlock stand. During major reroute of the AT to the ridgelines, the AT was moved away from this area. When I first hiked it 15 years ago the shelter was long gone but the area got a lot of campers as it was close to the road. It doesnt look anywhere near as used now.

    The state of Maine owns the land in this area and has a built a major logging road adjacent to the cataracts and the road has a street sign labeled Cataracts Road. They are pulling out a lot of hardwood and in one spot above the cataracts, the trail crosses a winter time access road. There is a buffer near the brook but the work does get quite close in a few spots.

    Although the trail on the lower section near the cataracts is well blazed and maintained, the upper section, appears to be abandoned but still in use. There are minimal blazes and occasional pieces of flagging. The trail bed is real obvious and is severely eroded for the ascent of the ridge. There are numerous go arounds to avoid the worse stuff. There are also several big blowdowns.

    At the AT, the sign that pointed down this trail is long gone judging by the healed up bolt holes on the tree. There is a AT sign with distances to various points and there is a faded blue blaze on tree visible from the sign.

    In general its still a great place to access the Baldpates from the East (or the new Frye Mtn Shelter (.9 north from the junction) and will most likey stay in use for maintainers but its probably not recomended for folks not comfortable with basic route finding.

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    It has been a couple years for me. I found the trail in disuse. Lower part more trampled by ATV(above the falls,) with a few footprints. No shelter. Table and privy at the upper fall area.

    Further up it seemed to follow an old overgrown woods road. "Brook" in wet weather. If I were to describe it, I would say once you lose the trail, pretend you are water coming down the hill. If that makes sense.

    Some rocks, some blue flagging, some very old tree blazing-very faded.

    Thanks for the update on the road. Maybe some locals will punch through a quickie trail from one of the upper staging areas.

    If I recall, Bates College was the trail group. I may have this confused with Abraham.

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    2 yrs ago i bushwacked to the AT and folowed the old trail somewhat alot of fun but tough going

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