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    Looking for a good 20 to 30 mile section for this weekend. I left my data book at home and i'm stuck at work tonight. How far is Dicks Creek to US64(Winding Stair Gap)? I've done everything from albert mtn north to the smokies, so i'm looking for something south of albert. Thanks!

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    40.2 miles. You can get the mileage numbers through the on-line companion at Many of the trailheads between these two points may be hard to get to this time of year. For instance, I believe USFS 71 at Deep Gap is closed in January.

    Happy hiking!
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    Yea I was trying to keep it on the main roads. Thanks for the links guys!

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    Think I'm gonna go with winding stair to tellico gap in NC. I have done that section a few times, but haven't been on some of it in the snow. Anybody know how much snow to expect up around siler and wayah. I was in Franklin a couple of weeks ago and there was around a foot on wayah from what I heard.

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    Supposed to get a light dusting of snow down here in the valleys tonight. May get much more at those elevations. If we do, access to Tellico gap will definitely be iffy.

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