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    Default Possible new Hostel in Shelburne NH

    Recently I have seen an ad for a new hikers hostel in Shelburne NH. I believe it is the bed and breakfast located on the south side of RT2 immediately across from where the AT turns off of RT 2 and onto North Road. Once I get more info, I will add to this post, but it might be worth pencilling it in the guide books. It will be real handy to the trail, but not so handy to town and all the services.

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    The White Mtns Lodge and Hostel 603-466-5049. It is listed in The A.T. Guide 2011. It is in the location of the former Wildberry Inn.

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    Thanks for filling in the info. By the looks of the exterior it looks like it may be a nice place to spend a day or two for those who dont have to be right in town. A lot of the local traffic going into town comes out at North Road so hitching in shouldnt be too tough.

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    Found their website:

    Anyone have firsthand experience with these folks?
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