howdy y'all. first time poster here. i've recently become interested in backpacking and finally have accumulated the basic items that i need to get started. my girlfriend and i (with our dog) are planning on hiking the batona (NJ), north to south, sometime in march. after doing some research, we have learned that the only camps that are dog friendly are batona camp and lower forge camp. i dont feel that we are ready to hike the approximately 25 miles from lower forge to lake absegami in one day.
i'm really just looking for general advice about the situation from someone who has hiked this trail with a dog. would the park police be somewhat leaniant since it will be during the off season? do the park police patrol regularly between buttonwood hill camp and evans bridge? we are planning to go to batsto to talk to the staff on thursday, but i was hoping to get some information from someone that has actually hiked the batona with a dog. thanks in advance for your advice and comments.