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    Default Heading To Springer. Can Give Rides.

    Hey class of 2011. I'm envious of your adventure that's about to begin. I thru-hiked back in '04 and did a big section in '06 and have Springer Fever at the moment.

    I'm in the Birmingham, AL area and will be heading up to Amicalola in the next day or two.

    I know it's short notice but if there's anyone along my route that needs a ride to springer I'd be more than willing to help out. I can either go over toward Atlanta and then north to the trail or north toward Chattanooga and then east to the trail, whichever is needed.

    **Also I have promised a ride to a friend in Bristol TN on March 7th (next monday) I will be driving from the TN / VA boarder south to Springer (Amicalola). Again if you need a ride and are between those two points (or not far out of the way) I'd be really happy to help out. From here I can either take I-81 south to Cleveland TN, then east to the trail or I-26 to Asheville and then highway (74?) down to the trail.

    Reply here or send a PM if you're interested. I can hold a max of 3 hikers on the way up from Birmingham and 2 on the way down from Bristol.

    Good luck to all.

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    What a great offer! I'm riding with Red Hat, and I'm so thankful that she offered me a ride. Trail magic <3

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    Default You'll love her!

    Quote Originally Posted by zombiegrad View Post
    What a great offer! I'm riding with Red Hat, and I'm so thankful that she offered me a ride. Trail magic <3
    I had the pleasure to meet Redhat at the Southern Ruck. You'll have a great drive down! I'll be right behind you. Maybe I'll see you out there.

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