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    Default Trail magic on the cdt

    Hiking the CDT and need anything around Helena, MT (rides, food, showers, gear repair, etc)? Let me know.

    Done trail magic on the CDT in the past and have any helpful wisdom? Lay it on me.

    In Montana and are planning to do trail magic and want help? Let me know.

    CDT alumni want to share helpful tips on how to find thru-hikers (when, where, etc)? Let's hear it.

    Finding thru-hikers on the AT (at the right time of the year) is like finding the sun in the sky. I'm anticipating the CDT will be a little more challenging, so I'd love to have your help.

    I've got some good karma to pay forward....

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    I thoroughly enjoyed Helena.
    Except for getting a ride back to the trail.
    I think it took me about an hour even though traffic was pretty good.
    anyway, have fun giving out your trail magic.
    Don't let your fears stand in the way of your dreams

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    Easy hitch into Helena (great town!) and there was a guy just like you in '07 offering lodging and rides back to the trail. I got the number from another hiker and passed the word on to a couple more. Thanks for doing that. Good luck and have fun.

    Loved the free shakes (paid for by previous hikers) in Leadore, ID.

    I made it into Darby, MT for Logger Days and huckleberry shakes and that was memorable.

    That's lonely, remote country out there and just meeting another hiker, even in town, is a real good thing. Most people don't know or understand what you're doing and tell you you'll end up in the bowels of a wolf.
    "Throw a loaf of bread and a pound of tea in an old sack and jump over the back fence." John Muir on expedition planning

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    Yeah, it can be hard to find hikers on the cdt. Last June, I hiked from Butte to Glacier and passed half the thru hikers while I was in Helena. I guess I didn't spend enough time at the Blackfoot.

    I came back to Helena for Thermorest and eyeglasses repair. Trust me, I know how good trail magic in Helena is.

    A somewhat more active cdt community is at:
    Rambler / toc

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