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    :banana Event jacket - hood

    Dangerpea is right. I walked this morning in the rain in my event and it worked just fine. No water on the seams etc. but best of all was the hood. I hate hoods. I never can get one to fit right but this hood worked great. I had a beanie (no brim) under it but I think it would have been fine even without the hat. So far, this jacket is living up to all my expectations.


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    eVent is more than twice as breathable as XCR. And, it will transport the same volume of water vapor regarless of humidity level on the inside. Gore's products products don't start moving vapor until the humidity level reaches 50-60%.

    IOW, eVent gets to work much sooner than Gore. And moves twice as much vapor per sq in of material.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Youngblood

    'Breathable' is a relative term and the waterproof/breathable stuff isn't all that breathable when you are generating a lot of heat... but if it works for you, that is what counts.

    Marmot made a Precip ball cap about 2 yrs ago and I stupidly bought one for $17.00 thinking that my precip jacket worked pretty good so the hat's gotta be ok. I slipped it over the old bald pate, and off I went in a light drizzle on a 50 degree afternoon. After about 1 hour of mild exertion I was a bit hot headed and doffing said cap released about a pint of sweat. Completely wiped the dwr out even after washing it twice per Marmot's instructions. The hat does have a nice bill, maybe I'll just cut a big hole in it and make it a visor of sorts and wear it under the hood of my new Moonstone shell.

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    Default hoodless

    i cut it off! i saved the elastic cord and sewed a casing along the neck opening to use the cord there, to cinch up the neck. it looks/fits great. no more ear crinkles when walking.
    thanks for all the ideas on this thread. i did check out the rei elements jacket. i liked the zip off hood, but i didn't like the fit of the jacket overall. i can fit some puffy layers under my precip jacket.

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