Hey all ya'll whiteblazers!

I'm starting my one week countdown to the adventure that lies ahead. I've finally gotten the last bits of gear this week and have been finishing up some homemade bits and improvements on others (now if i can only hurry up breaking in these boots!) I am probably the most excited for this than anything I can remember in my years but, I must admit I feel hesitant/anxious for this journey though. I don't have a job anymore (seasonal worker), haven't "lived in a house" for a long while so no rent, and I was able to save up almost triple what I was planning on. Anyways, I head down to GA on the 10th and there's no turning back. I have a good idea of what to expect from hanging around on here and talking with past hikers, but at the same time....

I'm wishing everyone out there safe and happy trails! Hope to run into some of you from here on the trail.