after dreaming and dreaming, year after year, i have finally worked things out to get on the trail in april of 2012. in an earlier post ( i described what i was going to have to give up to hike the trail in 2010. it didn't happen that year or the year after, but things things seem to be converging in my direction:

1.job, which i have had for 18 years, is deteriorating rapidly. will probably be gone all together soon. time to retire. time for the BIG thing i think.

2.can get a retirement payout that should last me hiking for at least three years straight. after that, who knows, but NOW is NOW and i'm not putting my dreams and things off any longer, especially for a future that is so uncertain. i could be dead, or jobless, or homeless, or penny-less tomorrow. i DO have today though and i intend to take full advantage of it.

3. getting out from under a house in florida, and moving to a cabin we own in pennsylvania until the spring. it will be an inexpensive place to use as a "base camp" for the next three years or so.

one other plus: i had always planned to shoot the trail for a documentary and in the time i've waited to hike the trail, cameras have gone way down in weight and are much more powerful!

one idea i'm really toying with: go southbound. avoid the crowds. make it more of a wilderness experience. though it does seem anti-climatic ending at springer instead of katahdan. haven't decided on that one yet.

i have the desire. i have the time. i have the money.