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    Default Caldera Cone Sidewinder stove

    I recently got a CC Sidewinder stove W/ the Inferno woodburning option & a 3 cup pot.

    This sucker REALLY cooks fast with the ESBIT Gram Cracker tab holder or the Inferno wood burning kit. All I need is two hands full of twigs and some tinder to cook for 20 minutes. The resulting double wall formed by the Inferno inverted inner cone creates hot combustion air like a Bushbudy or Bushcooker but it's lighter and packs MUCH smaller (inside the 3 cup pot). This Inferno option is great for winter. I made a 1/8" thick plywood base for the Ti bottom sheet and it does not melt down thru a compacted snow "table". I used Thompson's Water Seal on the wood.

    I don't like to use alcohol even though an alky stove is included as standard equipment. Maybe I'll buy some Everclear ethanol and try it. I've never liked other alky stoves I've used like my Vargo Triad but the Caldera Cones are noted for their high efficiency with alcohol.

    For an eastern long trail like the AT I'd seriously consider using the Sidewinder with ESBIT instead of my Brunton Flex canister stove. Definitely less weight even with fuel tabs.


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    Sidewinder Stove is the most portable stove I have ever seen. It is compact but you can never underestimate it's burning capacity.

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    I just got my self a propane and will see how it works.
    Never take life too seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.- Jotul Wood Stoves

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    Just got one from Santa - will try it out tomorrow or the next.
    2013, hopefully.

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