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    Default katadyn water filter & hydration combo?

    I was down at the outfitter today and I like the katadyn pro hiker water filter.

    I tried only using aqua mirra on my last weekend trip, but I was constantly low on water. I like being able to drink from the water source right away so I can carry less water.

    It has a feature that will allow it to connect to a hydration pack and pump the water straight into your pack! This is super cool, however, which hydration packs does it fit?

    Does it fit a platypus?

    I have an osprey kestrel pack which is hydration compatible.

    Will a katadyn prohiker filter and 2L platapus work well with my pack? Does anyone have any experience to share?

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    Coonass from Down South jazilla's Avatar
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    I have had one for years. I love the thing. I carry a 2L Camelback. This thing is quick and easy for me.
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    I just bought the Katadyn hiker pro .. It comes with an adapter kit that you install into any bladder hose. If you don't get the pro you hav to buy the adapter kit separately for $8. Along with the platy I hav a military camelbak which has a quick connect built in which also works

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