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    Default First Time BackPacking on AT in Ct

    Ct AT folks (and for all WB helpers too):
    My wife and did our first ever backpacking trip on the AT this past week. We've done plenty of dayhikes on the Maryland AT and its been probably been 25 years since I hiked the CT AT with my parents and siblings (I remember a section called the "Giant Staircase", but couldn't find it anywhere)... anyway, we've been practicing in MD and did another hike at Sleeping Giant in preparation... we were dropped off at Hoyt Road and made it to Mount Algo Shelter... the water was pristine and cold... the shelter and surrounding campground were clean... the early morning hike up to Caleb's Peak was amazing... mist in the forest and nothing but bird calls and chipmunks... we spent an hour and half at Silver Hill just enjoying the swing on a late July afternoon... the pump works after 30 pumps... the water has a slight tinge to it, but no sickness has arrived yet... unfortunately back to reality after 2 days on the trail... thank you to everyone who has provided feedback on food, gear, etc. we will be back to finish Connecticut soon...

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    Hi Nick and Julian:

    Glad you had a nice hike. Except for the first 0.3 from Hoyt Road, which I did while waiting for a friend I was shuttling, I've done the opposite end from you - Great Falls to Sages Ravine and into Mass past Everett, except for Giant's Thumb to Rt 41. Plenty of pretty trail in CT.

    As to Giant Staircase, you probably mean the "Grand Staircase," which is a name for the Trail's descent, northbound, of the north side of Mt. Algo down to Rt. 341, which was part of the trail you did. I hear it's pretty - hope to get to it soon.
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    AT was moved off Giant's staircase years ago

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