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    Default KY hikers, your help is needed, 8-13, RRG

    Message from Charlie Rowe. This looks to be a big project that needs lot of bodies.

    Hey Trail Crew,
    Hot, that?s all I can say, well, it?s humid too. This weather can be uncomfortable for us but it is a good growing year for the forest. There have been several storms down here with torrential rains but fortunately very little damage. We have a few trees blocking trails here and there; I hope to cut these before too long. Feel free to email me trail numbers and approximate locations to help us plan the clearing. Thx.
    For the August outing we will be down in the cool Whittleton Branch. Our main project will be the advance work for replacement of a large bridge on Whittleton Arch trail. The week long bridge building project will be done by a National Sierra Club outing this fall.
    Last fall I airlifted several tons of bridge timbers near to the bridge site. We will be installing a skyline that will be used to transport the
    300+ lb timbers about two hundred yards to the bridge. We will carry in
    the cables, pulleys, n stuff to stretch the line up in the trees. There also is a large rock we need to move and a few other related projects.
    Depending on crew size we may split some folks into other projects.
    We will meet August 13 at the Slade Park and Ride right at the Mountain Parkway exit 33, this is beside the log cabin post office / gas station, not at the rest area. We will meet at 9:00 for the sign-in then we can caravan and or car pool the Trailhead. All tools and personal protective equipment will be provided by the Forest service. Our goal is to have a safe fun and productive day in the beautiful Red River Gorge.
    To get to the Slade Park and Ride: take exit 33 from the Bert T. Combs Mountain Parkway and turn left under the overpass. Turn left again on KY
    15 / 11 north, then immediately turn left again into parking lot. You will see Forest Service truck and some great folks gathering there!
    If you would like to be removed from this mailing just let me know. More information can be obtained at www.rrgtc.com or join in the planning and chat with us on the RRGTC message board at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rrgtc/messages. All Red River Gorge Trail Crew service outings are official US Forest Service-approved projects. All Red River Gorge Trail Crew participants sign on as official US Forest Service Volunteers. For more information contact the Gladie Visitors Center on Hwy 715 in the RRG, or call Charlie Rowe @ 606-663-0576 x 106

    Charlie Rowe
    US Forest Service
    3451 Sky Bridge Rd, Hwy 715
    Stanton, KY 40380
    606-663-0576 X 106

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    Thanks for passing this along! I get these emails and help when I'm available. I'll be in Hilton Head at that time working on my golf game or I'd definitely make it. This is a Great Group!!
    Take Time to Watch the Trees Dance with The Wind........Then Join In........

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