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    Default Would like to find a hiking partner, at least at the start.

    I am a 75 year old man. I would like to find someone who will start with me at a very slow pace. In the beginning I plan to count the hours and not the miles. I tried to hike the trail in 2007 but my health cause me to have to leave the trail after a couple of days. I have COPD and felt that was the problem, but my doctor did not think my COPD would have caused the problem I was seeing.

    They started running test and found it was my heart that cause me to be unable to hike up the mountains. It turns out that I had a mess in my heart. They had to do a 4 way by pass. That really took it out of me for some time but now I am working out with weights and walking with out any problems.

    I plan on going on some backpacking trip here in Texas as soon as the temperatures start to cool off. To day for example was 101 degrees. It is hard to get out and walk in that kind of weather.

    So if there is anyone out there that would like to start with me I would love to have the company. We could start out slow and then slowly increase the miles as we go along. After we are in good shape we no longer have to stay partners unless we decide we wish to continue for a while. I do not care to share gear so we can part at anytime.

    I plan to start about the 10th to the 15th of March 2012 at Springer Mountain. I will not be hiking the Approach trail. I do not mind if it is a man or a woman or even a couple who decides to go with me. If there is any interest please let me know and I will start planning accordingly.

    You can reach me here on the net or at [email protected].

    AKA Cherokee Tom

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    Do you know when you will be starting and about how many miles a day you plan on doing???

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    Quote Originally Posted by yotarunner77 View Post
    Do you know when you will be starting and about how many miles a day you plan on doing???
    He just said he wasn't counting miles. You don't read very closely, do you?

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