OK...I promise. This is my LAST post on this event that you are all probably sick of hearing by now. :-)

The Rockies Ruck is on..if a bit modified.

Here is the plan: We are going to have the informal gathering at my house in lovely Boulder, CO. Most people who showed an interest are local (e.g. in Denver/Boulder), I've had a Christmas party at my house with 30+ people comfortably, for those who want, you can bring sleeping bag/pad and stay at the Boulder Hiker Hostel (well, at least
for this weekend! ) Based on the people who said they were going, I don't think it will even be this high. I also have a good sized back patio and backyard, too.

Next Year: There has been enough interest and I've learned a few things. The Leadville hostel has been suggested several times and I think for next year (2006) it will be a go. Part of our informal get together will be to brainstorm any ideas and put into place something for next year. I thank everyone from the various hiking lists who contributed ideas and good wishes. Thankyou!

OK..now on to the details:

WHAT: Rockies Ruck - an informal gathering of long distance hikers, dreamers and
those interested in the long hiking trails
WHEN: Saturday March 26th and Sunday March 27th
WHERE: Boulder, CO at my house (Casa Mags Hiker Hostel. )
DETAILS: Start late morning/Early afternoon Saturday.
-As mentioned, I'll be showing my Colorado Trail and PCT slideshow
-But other than that, a wide open format. Really it is just an excuse to
meet and talk to other hikers in the region. Have an idea? Let me know
-Sunday, after breakfast, a hike will be done if there is interest
POTLUCK DINNER AND BREAKFAST: We'll do a potluck dinner and breakfast. We'll work it out amongst those who RSVP.
INTERESTED IN GOING: Please RVSP me for more details. pmags AT yahoo DOT com
HOW YOU CAN HELP: I have a laptop and screen lined up for presentations. Anyone who can let
us use a digitial projector?
WANT TO GET TOGETHER FRIDAY?: Decided to leave this day open. If there is interest, we can get together somewhere local and informally Friday night for that favorite hiker beverage: beer! Saturday is about as official of a day as we are going to get, at least for this one.

Phew..even an informal get together was more work than I thought. Again, thanks to EVERYONE who helped out with ideas and good wishes. It is very much appreciated.