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Thread: Two person Tent

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    I have a MH lightwedge 2 that is heavy by most people's standards but is bombproof.

    I use the fast pitch option to leave the tent body at home when the bugs are gone.

    I would buy the lunar duo or a 10x11 tarp today but back when I was a noob and, first learning site selection, the MH LW2 was great.

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    If you already have a tarp (I use a 10x12 Equinox silnylon, though I think an 8x10 would do), this:
    is inexpensive, well made, freestanding (minus the tarp, which just drapes over it, is held down at the corners with stakes, and uses trekking poles for a spacious "porch"), and light (depending on your tarp).
    I've used one with my 6"3" son in buggy Maine in early September and it stood up to a couple of good thunderstorms.
    .......and you can't beat the ventilation.
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    I got a MSR carbon reflex 2 tent on steep and cheap for 309.00 last week.

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    We have an Exped Venus II and we love it. We got it off Amazon. It's not that light (2.7kg, think that's around 7lb) but we wanted to be sure that come rain, hail or snow, we'd be snug and dry. And with 2 people to carry, the weight is not such an issue as for solo. We find it roomy inside, our heads and feet are not pushing against the tent walls. It has a gear loft. There are vestibules both sides for our packs and the entrances allow you to lie in bed and look out at the scenery. Our previous tent was a dome style and we couldn't really do this. We haven't carried a footprint as extra weight an issue, but we might need to think about this ... It'd be nice to have floors in the vestibules.
    Hope you find a nice hiking home!

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    Oh just forgot the reason why we chose the Venus II over others such as MSR is that it has very little permanent mesh in the tent - actually, i'm not sure it has any .... ; so it's a true four season tent. In summer you can open the big doors - they have insect mesh screens so you get a breeze, but if it's cold you can have the tent closed up and cozy. The tent itself is a sunny gold and the fly is forest green. Plus if you're keen you can use the fly and poles by itself just as a shelter and leave the tent at home. Also, the fly is left attached so your tent doesn't get wet putting it up in the rain. Yep, we love it! Well ventilated, too, not much condensation issues so far! We are from Australia and find the mountain nights in USA pretty startling and I'm a cold sleeper anyway. A warmer tent means I can carry a less full-on sleeping bag ...

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    If you want to buy a really good tent for 2, the Hubba Hubba is hard to beat but if you're just going to do the GA section and you are sort of new to this, you could just roll with a couple of decent backpacking tarps and tyvek groundsheets - you'll probably shelter half the nights anyway, right -- just wade in and get the feel for what you like before spending the bucks -- you could rent a tent too -- you might decide you like hammocks, tarps, tents, shelters or even hostels -- have fun.

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