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    Default Home Made Steamers PICs

    For you Boil in a Bag fans....I have pictures of two of my home made steamers....First is one that I made out of a Mirror Sauce pan....drilled a bunch of 3/8s holes in the bottom and cut it off at 1" high......Works well with sandwich sized freezer bags....Fits into my MSR Stowaway pot, with ease.

    Then I made one out of a square pc. of .012 flashing. It just fits over the bottom of my GAZ canister, and will slide into my Open Country Kettle. I used my 'Whitney Punch' and made lots of holes in it.....Untried, but I am sure it will boil cake just fine!

    Almost anything will work to steam food...a pc. of heavy just needs to be about 1" tall and support your bag, and store inside your cook ware!

    I also found this link on 'how to make your own bakepacker'
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