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    Finally, here are some solid values for mileages along the official route.

    NM: 780.5
    CO: 733.5
    WY: 509.9
    ID/MT to Waterton: 984.4
    ID/MT to Chief Mtn: 971.2

    Total mileage from Crazy Cook to Waterton is 3008.3. Crazy Cook to Chief Mtn is 2995.1. Subtract 17.7 miles if you take the short way through Rocky Mtn NP.

    Jerry Brown (bearcreek)

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    Many thanks to Jerry and his CDTA crew for providing this!

    Some not-so-accurate deltas I pulled from a hasty look around:
    - According to Yogi's guide, the Creede cutoff is a delta of about 81 miles (81 miles less to go Creede vs. Northern San Juans)
    - Also according to Yogi, the Anaconda route vs. Butte is about a 75.5 mile delta (using all Ley data, a little more if use the part of Wolf data available there)
    - I found one online source that suggested about a 41 mile delta for going via Mack's Inn
    - not sure about Silverthorne vs. Grays-Torreys Peaks or Great Divide Basin vs. Ferris Mountains (?)
    - A hasty search didn't give me deltas on Columbus vs. Crazy Cook vs. Antelope Wells.

    For anyone that has solid data, please correct or augment the above. In practice, I think that (very) few thru-hikers hike only "official trail" on the CDT (it really is NOT the AT), so having deltas for the most common alternates (there are just a ton of shorter, more localized alternates ...) could help folks get a somewhat more accurate estimate of total miles walked.
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