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    Default SoBo 2012 anybody?

    I am a male and will be 18 in April, and i plan to leave in late june or early july, i dont really need a hikng buddy but i was just wondering if there would be others my age hiking. Im skipping a college semester to accomplish my life goal.

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    I'll be headin out in early to mid July. I'm 22 and made my way from Springer to Front Royal, VA. in 2011. I had a dumb ankle injury early on in my hike last year that ate most of my funds and cost me half my trip. I'm really excited for this SOBO however after my experience going north. I'm hoping the crowds will be smaller which from everything I've collected they should be. And the weather will definitely be way better (the rain doesnt bug me its the heat, and I landscape in Florida for a living! lol). Anyways my trail name is Tour Guide, and I'm "tree" friendly if you catch my drift. Hope to see you on the trail, and when you get out there keep up the mentality that you don't really need a hiking buddy, because you don't! Hike your own hike! It took me 200 miles last year to really learn that, but once I did my hike was way more enjoyable.

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