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    Default Cabinet Wilderness-Libby MT June - August 2012

    Anyone interested in hiking the Cabinet Wilderness (Libby,Montana) June through August 2012? Mayby into September if the weathers holds out. I am retired so I can spend the entire summer on the trail. Would really like to hike the Cabinet’s with a group this summer. The Cabinet Wilderness is a fantastic, off the beaten track adventure; remote, quiet, and breathtaking. It’slike doing the Continental Divide Trail without all the re-supply headaches. Ifinterested, leave a post or drop an e-mail [email protected]. Thanks
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    I live nearby (as these things go out west) and would be interested. I believe, however, that the Cabinet's trails are fragmented, making a long hike difficult. In the area, the Idaho Selkirks are also very nice, with at least one nice multi day loop. I'd be happy to offer any help I can.
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    Thanks for the response Bill. Yea the trails are fragmented, but you canstring them together to make it interesting. I guess my real draw to the area is that Libby is close by so after aweek out, you can dash in, clean up, get a beer and chill out.

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