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    Default Hiking with a pacemaker

    We have asked a friend to join us for a section hike of 45 miles next month.
    He has a pacemaker and has reservations, do any of you have a pacemaker
    or any experience with this.


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    So many different types that do a number of different jobs it would be impossible to answer.

    He should ask his doctor for "permission" and exercise limits, and know his own body and how to pay attention to them.

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    Like the oilman says, it depends...but, yeah, I have one. No prob.

    Assuming your friend is in decent shape and his doc doesn't freak out - go for it.

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    I work for a cardiology group and as long as he gets cardiac clearance from his doc and has the device checked before heading out, he should be fine. Most of our pacer patients lead full active lives and only get the devices checked once every 6 months anyway. He would have to watch his diet to maintain proper electrolyte balance (sodium/potassium ratio) but then so should we all. Happy hiking!!!

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