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    While Bill Bryson's book "The History of Nearly Every Thing"is not about hiking it is none the less I think a good book to listen to on CD,and that's what I have done this week as walking is part of my training (so to speak)and listening to books on tape is a boon,for me.Many folks here at white Blaze seem to have and interest in the sciences,as do I.The book starts by describing our place in the Universe and heads right on down the road to touch on most of(a lot of)the hard sciences,with chapters such as microbiology,chemistry,quantum Physics and more.all are described in such a way as to lead into the next chapter.Good read,not to demanding as the writer describes these things very eloquently and then whisk the reader on to another topic...check it out

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    I've read it!

    It is a great read.

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    My hubby got the hard copy as a gift. It's quite heavy! I have it next to the bed, but I seem to always pick up the much lighter Kindle.
    2013, hopefully.

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    Oh yes, his more recent book, At Home: A Short History of Private Life was also great! Kindle version, of course.
    2013, hopefully.

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    Does the writing in these have the same satirical voice as Walk in the Woods?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shelby View Post
    Does the writing in these have the same satirical voice as Walk in the Woods?
    In a word...Yes,though poking fun at quarks,and and 300 year old ideas,there's only so much you can do!but yes,he's still very snarky.This book is filled with all most as many people as the Bible,the names and events just keep coming,cross reference must have been a huge undertaking. snarky is not a word?

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