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    Lightbulb Assessment of local animal populations

    I've been tallying the populations of animals in my woodlands lately to get an idea of it's population, here's what I've confirmed so far in a 50+ acre greenbelt.

    • 4-5 Coyotes, met two separate ones face to face and heard them with the others.
    • 1 Tortoise, large and possibly an escaped pet.
    • 2 smaller tortoises, likely either box turtles or offspring of the larger one.
    • Countless rabbits with 9 confirmed warrens, they've been rare lately though. I'm suspecting that a dog has been hunting them.
    • 8+ hawks, nesting primarily on the divide between the greenbelt and suburb.
    • 6+ Vultures, nesting on the other side of the divide and flying around the town.
    • 2 rattlesnakes

    I've also found small, thin, single toed tracks. They look ungulate in origin, and juvenile. They haven't been around until recently but are now showing up near the village and in the dirt roads. I'm suspecting deer, but I've heard reports of wild boar or javelina. I'll bring you guys some pictures of the tracks when I get home from my daily walk.

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    Are you into tracking?

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